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CNI was founded in 1988 as a systems integrator for the media industry. Personal computers, desktop publishing software, postscript, and desktop scanners would radically change publishing forever. Despite the fact that technology was immature, the biggest challenge was managing the disruption of conservative businesses. 

In the mid-1990s, as we shifted to workflow automation, it became clear that advertising production was stymied by poor information that was delivered late in the cycle. Credits and make goods were the norm, financial oversight was limited, and the sales process was highly inefficient. We recognized then, in order to truly automate and streamline the sales and fulfillment of advertising, a new approach was necessary. 

While the vendors CNI was representing focused on production-minded solutions, we mapped out a plan to deliver that new approach with our own products. In 2000, when the rest of the media industry saw the Web as a platform for content, we released AdDesk, the first web based solution for transmitting creatives, proofing, tearsheets, and online campaign history. By 2004, more than 600 magazines and newspapers were processing over 4.5 million ads annually through AdDesk. 

In 2007, we introduced Breeze. Built on the same foundation as AdDesk, Breeze delivered our vision of centralizing assets, workflows, and campaign data into one system. Breeze exposed critical business intelligence and provided accountability across advertising sales, production, accounting, and design. 

To effectively deploy a solution that crosses so many disciplines, our business model needed to change. We leveraged experiences at other media and repositioned the business to emphasize our value as advertising operations experts that go beyond technology, looking at the entire operation. 

Today, we are involved in helping media companies streamline advertising from the point of proposal through production, delivery and payment. We connect the dots, illustrating how proper product set up in the business system impacts business intelligence, production, customer service, billing and collections. We also consider how well designed and run operations, production, and creative departments allow the business to effectively adapt to changing customer needs, demands and expectations. 
Our customers tell us they rely on our ability to present multiple solutions to their operational issues. That skill comes from working with smart and talented people, at over 100 media companies, for over thirty years.














Principals at CNI have over 90 years experience in advertising sales, production, and workflow systems. As President, Jon Dickinson, has been involved in automating and streamlining advertising workflows since the late 80's. Understanding the interdependencies of advertising sales, production, accounting, creative and digital operations is what distinguishes us from the field. We have experience with dozens of CRM, production, and billing systems, providing us with insights into different approaches. 

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