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PORTSMOUTH, Nh. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- March 30th, 2017 -- CNI is happy to announce the release of AdDesk™ 3.0. The original advertiser portal is now the most complete and available for your advertisers on virtually any device. AdDesk 3.0 goes beyond standard ad upload utilities, and gives advertisers the tools they need to manage all campaigns — digital and print — from order through delivery.

AdDesk 3.0 starts with an e-signature feature that allows advertisers to execute insertion orders from any device. No more printing, signing and scanning paperwork. Next, digital ads are checked for size and weight, letting users know if they are compliant before they send them. For PDF ads, users can crop and position files within their ad space, giving them ultimate control, saving you time, and eliminating the need for expensive 3rd party services. Advertisers can view and approve their proofs, pickup creative from past campaigns, and even confirm print ad placements on pages. Through integration with leading ad servers like Google’s DFP, advertisers have access to campaign performance metrics. Sure, AdDesk 3.0 is great for advertisers, but it’s even better at saving you time and money. You’ll spend less time chasing customers for signatures, ads arrive print and pixel perfect, and running reports and pulling tearsheets will be a thing of the past. Schedule a demo with us with the link below and see how you can take advantage of this exciting new release right away.

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Breeze is the premier technology for companies seeking to optimize ad operations and workflow across all channels. Our cloud-based platform provides a unique environment to consolidate and achieve these objectives, streamlining processes and managing content in order to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve the customer experience. CNI is a New Hampshire-based company and can be found on the Web at

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