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Impoze.AI drag and drop feature

PORTSMOUTH, NH, Jan. 23, 2019: CNI Corporation, a global leader in advertising automation, today announced the release of Impoze.AI, the latest addition to the Breeze Ad Ops platform. Impoze.AI leverages Automation Intelligence to streamline magazine and newspaper planning, improve decision making, and accelerate ad production.

Work from Anywhere, it’s Cloud Based

Impoze.AI simplifies the planning, production, and management of cross-media publishing projects with elegant automation, collaboration tools and workflow management. Available as a standalone or integrated solution, Impoze.AI meets the functional needs and budgets of small and large publishers. Users can work from anywhere using a web browser or app, critical for the modern workforce and media organizations with multiple facilities.

Hit the Right Spot

Place ads automatically using Automation Intelligence or simply drag-and-drop ads into position. The rules-based placement engine ensures ads fall into the correct section, position and page number. The preview option gives designers insight into the best positioning of ads, avoiding conflicts that result in time-consuming revisions. Swap editorial or advertising positions in seconds. Advanced features for editions and zones make fast work of complex distribution configurations.

Complete Picture

Import run lists from saved templates, spreadsheets, or through integrations with third party order management systems. Critical information such as placement requests and contractual obligations are easily accessible. Columns can be organized and sorted based on individual preference. Eye-catching flags make it easy to identify house ads and unsold premium positions. Notifications and alerts ensure new ads, changes ​and cancellations aren’t missed.

“Efficient advertising operations are a strategic sales advantage. Impoze.AI and Breeze Ad Ops allow us to make well-informed decisions and take ads closer to deadline.”

- Darwin Oordt, Benchmark Media

Layouts can be distributed in PDF format or through the Breeze PageHub for review. When the layout is approved, Impoze.AI automates page assembly by placing frames on Adobe InDesign® pages automatically and importing high resolution assets. This reduces the potential for mistakes and saves valuable time on deadline.

About CNI Corporation

Founded in 1988, the CNI team has more than 75 years of combined experience helping media companies lower operational costs and improve profitability for their ad operations. Their solutions and approach help media organizations readily adapt to a dynamic market place, where advertiser demands and technology change overnight. For more information about CNI, please visit


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