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Breeze Ad Ops Joins ABC Digital Group

Alliance of Experts Helping Media and Brands Leverage Data to Grow Revenue and Automation Platform for Business Agility.

October 18, 2019 – Portsmouth, NH: Breeze Ad Ops announces a leadership role in ABC Digital Group, an alliance of experts focused on helping media and brands meet near term revenue goals and long-term business objectives. Legacy media can find this exceptionally challenging as they transform their business while expanding digital portfolios and developing new revenue channels.

Ana Browne, founder of ABC Digital Group, recognized that day-to-day business needs were pulling resources from taking advantage of trends and developing new revenue opportunities. ABC Digital Group fills that need by giving media access to experts in business intelligence, monetization, audience development, and fulfillment automation, without having to expand their staff.

ABC Digital Group’s approach starts by working within the current realities of the organization including products, personnel, and technology. The most common challenges encountered are

  • Reliance on historical data to make forward looking decisions

  • Inability to identify trends and revenue opportunities

  • Shortage of resources that focus strictly on revenue and monetization

  • Lack of agility necessary to take advantage of new revenue opportunities

With a focused effort, ABC Digital Group turns data into actionable insights. The initial focus is to maximize the value of current portfolios and boost near term revenue. The engagement expands to create new revenue streams and a road map for execution. This is achieved through five step process:

  • Centralizing Data Scattered Across Siloed Systems

  • Identifying and Quantifying Revenue Potential in Your Target Audience

  • Exposing Under-Capitalized Products and New Business Opportunities

  • Creating a Model for Monetization of Audience, Products and Advertising

  • Plan of Execution and a Technology Platform that Automates Fulfillment

“Breeze Ad Ops plays a key role in the alliance.” says Ana Browne, the founder of ABC Digital Group. “Their platform consolidates information from the tech stack and presents it in way that makes it easier to recognize revenue trends and opportunities.” According to Jon Dickinson, President of Breeze Ad Ops, “Our platform integrates the critical business systems and delivery platforms to provides better insights and the agility needed to capitalize on opportunities.”

With clients worldwide, ABC Digital Group and Breeze Ad Ops have a proven track record of success to build on. For additional information contact Eric Moores, 603-318-3202 or visit: ABC Digital Group and Breeze Ad Ops

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